Registering a new Freckle app

Registering a new OAuth2 application

If you're developing an application that connects to Freckle, you can use OAuth2 to authenticate users and access the API!

Important: There are 2 types of applications, depending on the kind of app you're developing:

  • Public: Any Freckle user will be able authenticate through this application once it has been approved. Use this if you're integrating your app with Freckle.
  • Private: Only users in this Freckle account will be able authenticate through this application. Use this if you're writing an internal integration for your team.

To register a new Freckle app, follow these steps:

  1. Click Integrations & Apps or Connected Apps in the green navigation sidebar
  2. Click the Freckle API tab
  3. Look for Register an app and click Register…
  4. Fill out the form to set up your new application
  5. Click the Save button to register the app and get your OAuth2 credentials
  6. Configure your app to use your OAuth2 credentials