Viewing Freckle receipts

The account owner of a Freckle account can view past Freckle receipts by following these steps:

  1. Clicking Plans & Billing in the green navigation sidebar
  2. Scroll down to the Invoices section
  3. Click a past invoice to open a new window with a copy of the invoice

Click a past invoice to view a copy of the receipt. As the account owner, you'll also receive  an email once a month with your Freckle receipt. If we can't charge your card, you'll receive an email about a charge failure instead. Note that if you have paid in advance, you'll only receive monthly receipts again once we start billing you again after your advance payment runs out. 

You can also  add any additional email addresses to automatically email Freckle invoices to your accountant or billing department.

Adding information like tax numbers to your Freckle receipts

If you live in a country with strict  business tax laws, and need to add extra information to appear on your Freckle receipt, you can! You can add any information to your Freckle invoice that you need.  

  1. Click on Plans & Billing in the green navigation sidebar
  2. Under the Have special invoice needs? section click use a custom 'Bill To'.
  3. Enter any additional information you need, such as tax ID numbers or contact persons. If you use this feature, we won't include the address that's listed under Billing Address, so be sure to add your address in the custom 'Bill To' field as well
  4. When you've entered all of the extra billing information you need click the Save custom billing address button.

Your new custom billing information will be included from your next receipt forward.

Important: We recommend asking an accredited tax consultant about any tax requirements in your country and for your company as we unfortunately aren't able to provide accounting, bookkeeping or tax advice.